Coaching is a partnership that supports you in creating a rich and fulfilling life.

You CAN have a wonderfully successful and fulfilling life on YOUR terms


  • Personal Coaching - Ocean Of Possibilities - Deb Bergeron

    1. Achieving renewed energy and vitality in daily life
    2. Creating healthy boundaries around work and personal time
    3. Managing your schedule with grace and ease
    4. Making an empowered career change, manifesting a significant other, losing weight – and other specific goals
    5. Enhanced resilience to stress and protection against burnout
    6. Learning to leverage your time and take focused actions, even with your busy schedule
    7. Rediscovering the passion of your most intimate relationships
    8. Creating a joy and balance in your life, you never thought possible
Coaching Programs

Helping High Achievers Stop Racing
& Start Living

Providing the direction and guidance to get you there


  • Coaching

    Coaching is a partnership that supports you in creating a rich and fulfilling life. As you work with a coach towards the realization of your vision, goals and dreams, you discover more about who you are and who you want to be.

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  • Keynote Speaking

    Deb’s programs are results-oriented and solution-driven. Each customized program consists of powerful messages that promote participants to take action and implement positive changes and strategies in their lives immediately.

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  • Workshops

    Recharge, rejuvenate, and reach new levels of success with one of Deb’s energetic and dynamic live local workshops. Participants to grow and learn at an accelerated pace because of the hands-on experience and interaction.

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Recharge, Rejuvenate, and
Reach New Levels of Success

Start Living a Life on Purpose

  • The 8 Biggest Mistakes High Achievers Make That Keeps Them Running On Empty

    High achievers often feel like life is out of balance and get overwhelmed. You may be constantly getting things done but you’re not as present as you’d like to be with the people or the things that matter most to you. It feels like your life is spinning out of control.

    Part of you doubts that it’s ever going to change. More balance?  More calm?  They sound nice, but you just don’t see a way to get there given the realities of your life.

    And yet another part of you longs for a richer and more centered life. One with more purpose… and meaning…. and certainly a lot more daily joy.

    And so the tension between the life you really want and your current day-to-day reality has become unbearable.

    Good News.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Start Living a Life on Purpose with my Sanity Kit!

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