Too Much on My Plate!

Too Much on My Plate!

    • Do you wake up each morning with your mind racing, worrying about how much you must accomplish during the day?

    • Do you feel exhausted, over-burdened, inundated, or swamped?

    • Do you long for more energy and a greater sense of peace and balance?

As our lives become more frenzied and complex, we’re not truly living our lives;instead our lives are living us. Between demands of work, family and home, we find ourselves in overwhelm. Deb will provide you with effective tools to set priorities, slow down, access inner calm, and gain clarity and effectiveness to transform worry and overwhelm into confidence and joy – even on the most difficult days.


In this session you will learn:

    • How challenging your thoughts can radically reduce your stress level
    • How to effectively prioritize so that the most important things are always attended to
    • The importance of extreme self-care
    • Easy and effective strategies for reducing stress and cultivating inner peace

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