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While recovering from a serious injury that took me away from my family and career for 2 months I had time to reflect on how I was living day-to-day. My professional life was very stressful which negatively impacted my health and personal life. I realized I was way too busy, not as organized as I knew I could be and overwhelmed with where to begin to make a change.

A close friend of mine knew Deb and recommended I meet her to see if she could help. I could tell from our first meeting that Deb understood where I stood in my career and personal life. Deb offers loving guidance without judgement and provides resources and proven strategies to help you make changes to be able to live a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle. Deb knows how to challenge you yet doesn’t pressure so conversations are open and comfortable. Deb was the light I needed and with her acceptance, support and guidance our work together has helped me become a stronger more confident woman. I have learned to practice and implement changes in my personal and professional worlds that enables me to live happy and healthy. Thank you Deb- I am so grateful for your wisdom and compassion. If even little bit of what I have mentioned resonates with you, go see Deb.

KrisInsurance Professional

I had never used a life coach before, but reached out to Deb when I found myself at a crossroads in my career during mid-life, which I never would have anticipated. Her website spoke to all the things I was feeling, and I connected with her immediately in my first session. Not only did she listen compassionately to my problems and issues, which is therapeutic in its own way, but she was able to give me concrete steps, references, and perspective as to how to frame my current problems, and help focus on what I really needed and wanted in my life moving forward. It was tremendously helpful. It resulted in a complete mindset change for me in how I look at both my big problems, as well as day to day stressors – it was a life changer for the better!

I stopped going once I felt I had achieved more of a balance and perspective with my work life, but she was the first one I thought of and reached out to again when I subsequently developed significant personal and relationship problems. She was able to once again provide some much needed perspective, with specific guidance on conflict resolution and communication which has once again completely changed my life! I cannot express my appreciation for her patience, compassion, and wisdom. She has provided me with more insight, perspective, and extraordinarily useful advice on how to approach life’s problems than anyone I have ever met. I cannot recommend her more strongly!

SusanHealth Care Professional
  • Before I met Deb I would describe myself as happy and grounded while at the same time feeling restless and unsatisfied with how things were going in my life. I decided to begin a journey of self-discovery.

    There is a Buddhist saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I was ready to commit to my mission, which was to become-the-best-version-of-myself. The moment I met Deb, I knew she was the “teacher” who could help me on my journey. Deb is insightful. She provided me with inspiration and support every step along the way. She helped me to focus on what’s most important in my life.

    My work with Deb has taught me to embrace every day with more energy and to show compassion for myself and others. I have learned the value of extreme self-care. When I am faced with challenges I now have an abundance of resources that I can draw from the keep me on the path towards my mission.

    Thank you Deb. You are a true blessing in my life. I know our paths will continue to cross. My experience with you will continue to help me to live my life to it’s fullest.

    BarbSenior Manager in the Health Insurance Industry
  • Before I started working with Deb, I used to wake up in the morning with a feeling of dread hanging over me. I’d lost my connection to my Self, and stress was the dominant energy in my life.

    Now, just a few months later, I genuinely enjoy my life. There’s still stress, of course, but there’s also joy, richness, fun, and a rootedness in life. Most importantly, there’s sustenance from feeling gratitude for each day.

    Deb’s approach is subtle and kind. She works with you – in whatever state you’re in – and I really appreciate that each session is guided by where I am that week, and what I want to explore. Best of all, Deb is playful, and it’s hard not to leave a session feeling great.

    Deb has helped me as I made real changes in my life, but most importantly, she’s helped me change my perspective on life. With blinders removed, it’s a lot easier to see (and enjoy!) that ocean of possibilities that we really are all swimming in. I am grateful for the work we’ve done together and know I will mark this time as one of the most important in my life. Thank you Deb, from the depths of soul.

    Meaghan Recovering Corporate Professional

  • At one of the darkest points in my life, personally and professionally;
    Deb helped me to find my light by tapping into my inner wisdom.

    With Deb’s support, enthusiasm, and wealth of very powerful coaching tools, I was able to make mindful choices that have led me to a peaceful and prosperous path.

    Mary EllenRegistered Nurse
  • I recently attended Deb Bergeron’s course, “Attracting the Life You Want”– It was truly an inspirational experience.

    It was the positive shot in the arm that I needed in order to move forward on my personal and professional dreams. -Thank you so much!

    TraceyGuidance Counselor
  • I’m a workshop junkie. I give them and go to them all the time. And I’ve got to say…

    that Debbie’s workshop was one of the best I’ve attended. Lots of information, more than a couple of ah ha moments, and worth every single penny. I was sorry when it ended.”

    CarolWriting Coach

Before I worked with Deb, I existed as a victim in a world of pain and scarcity. I clung to the shadow of my past and viewed the future with fear, doubt, and worry.

Deb’s intuitive guidance, life-changing tools, and wealth of resources transformed me. After just five months with Deb, I am awakened, and now the victor of my own life – one filled with joy, abundance, and gratitude.

The evidence is everywhere: My personal growth has resulted in greater confidence, creativity, and connectedness. My relationships are enriched. I feel ten years younger. People tell me I have an inner glow and ask me what is different. I didn’t think my beautiful marriage could get any better, but it did. Miraculous moments and synchronicity pop up unexpectedly! I am the happiest I have ever been in my 52 years.

Working with Deb is the best investment of my life!

Deb, thanks for the gifts of inspiration, compassion, and enthusiasm. You are a treasure!

SharonOncology Nurse and Writer

What if it could be easy? What if you were unstoppable? The biggest barriers to being able to realize our potential are housed in our minds.

Though my sessions with Deb I was able to identify the sources of negative thinking and develop strategies for overcoming these mental stumbling blocks. For example, being allergic to criticism might be something that came from having very critical parents. In order to turn this impulse around into something useful, I had to learn to love the red marks. Being criticized should not be perceived as an attack on the sense of self worth, even though it may feel like that, but rather it is a chance to learn and improve.

Working with Deb I was able to set concrete, doable goals that I could achieve simply by altering my perspective. Rather than thinking of a challenge as insurmountable, it is amazing how reachable a goal becomes by simply asking, ” what if this could be easy?’ With that thought in mind Deb helped me to set up strategies, and identify the resource people who could help me make the best use of my skills and talent. Thanks so much, Deb Bergeron.

ChristopherEnglish Professor
  • I first started seeing Deb because I was feeling out of balance with my career and home lives.

    I felt right away that Deb could relate to my issues from first hand experience. She provided me with small steps I could take that made me feel more focussed without feeling overwhelmed. I have now worked with Deb for about a year and the sense of desperation that I felt has subsided considerably. She has provided me with tools I can use when I am feeling out of balance or overwhelmed. While I continue to struggle with my work interfering with my family life, Deb very patiently helps me re-focus and put things into perspective. I will continue to work with Deb on my search for inner peace and balance and know that, over time and little by little, I will get there.

    AndreaCoaching Client
  • Any employees who have participated in your sessions have said that you are a wonderful presenter.

    The information you provide to them is helpful and something they can continue at home. Our goals are to help employees learn to manage stress, find ways to relax, and help them achieve work/life balance. You definitely have provided them with the foundation to achieve the goals.

    We look forward to offering more of your programs to our employees in 2011. Thank you for all you have done for our staff.

    Sherri HR Coordinator, Southern Maine Medical Center
  • As I think over my coaching experience, I can’t believe the transformation that has occurred in my life…

    Deborah has inspired me – Energized me! She’s helped me grow as a person, a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend. My life has changed with her loving persistence. She have touched my soul and nurtured my spirit.

    Deborah is an amazing business woman with incredible heart and determination. She is a deeply compassionate person and enabled me to see all of life’s possibilities without demanding obedience. I like that – Thank you for sharing in my journey to the best years of my life.

    GailSystem Support Specialist

While I noticed a difference in my attitude and energy level, it’s interesting to note that others noticed it as well.

People have said to me, “There’s something different about you, you seem so vibrant!” Personal coaching has made a huge difference in all aspects of my life; Deb’s coaching sessions provided the tools and techniques needed to stop listening to the limiting beliefs and to allow myself the personal freedom to be.

KristineAssistant Vice President, Project Manager

I first started coaching sessions with Deb on the recommendation of a friend, and I’m so glad I decided to invest in myself.

I was a recent empty nester with a list of things I wanted to do yet unsure how or where to start. Deb has helped me release old patterns of thinking that are no longer valid, turning my attention to the future rather than the past. I am very happily floating in The Fertile Void, that place of gathering in strength, energy and knowledge, preparing to retire my first adulthood and launch confidently into my second. The Fertile Void is a safe and nourishing place to be. Thank you Deb, for listening, recommending, guiding and being such a wonderful resource!

DWSanta Fe, NM

Our organization first used Deb’s services as the result of a request by our employees to offer a lunch and learn on stress management.

It was amazing to see the employees quickly feel at ease with Deb during the session. I personally benefited from attending both sessions and was able to implement some of Deb’s suggestions in my own life. I have found the addition of writing three pages in a journal on a daily basis allows me to “let go” of some of the mundane and unimportant issues that were stealing my focus and energy from the important things in my life, like my family.

I look forward to working with Deb in the future on both an organizational level and personal level.

Hillary Human Resources, HomeHealth Visiting Nurses
  • I met Deb in October of 2005 – This literally was one of the best days of my life – I just didn’t know it yet!

    She said to give her three months and I would see a change in my life. Wow – She wasn’t kidding!

    My life has taken a total 90 degree turn around since that fateful day! Her guided meditations are so key to getting you in touch with yourself. This is something I never experienced before. I had a hard time doing it at first. But every time I went inside, and she asked me questions, the answers that came up were right on!

    It was the only time in my life that I didn’t second guess myself. I could actually trust myself for the first time in my whole 41 years!!! I started asking myself, “Why can’t I trust my answers in my everyday life?”

    Well, everything has changed since I’ve started listening to my inner voice – It has never let me down! I am doing things I never thought I could do. I have so much confidence in myself, its like I’m living a dream, except I’m not waking up. I’m glad I’m not waking up!!! I’m totally loving life for the first time ever. I’m having fun daily and I’m creating it effortlessly!

    That’s what Deb’s coaching has done for me – I love her and am so grateful for her .. She’s awesome!!!

    Laurie Hair Stylist
  • Deb Bergeron of Ocean of Possibilities is the best!

    She has helped me to stop looking at the past and holding on to old stories about myself, and instead stay in the present and love and appreciate the person I am today.

    Deb has also guided me to create exciting possibilities for the future, new ways of being. I have dealt with several old “gremlins” from the past, and have learned to recognize them and avoid them.

    It has been a wonderful journey so far, peeling off the ugly layers to find a beautiful and loving woman who has so much potential to make a difference in the lives of my family and friends.

    Every day brings new and interesting “ah-hahs”, and the realization that I can create a new story about myself that is caring and gentle.

    I love the work I have done with Deb and look forward to the many more discoveries to come.

    ChristyDirector of Human Resources
  • I wrote in my journal this morning that I am the happiest that I’ve ever been – What a lovely feeling at 57!

    I owe much of my “new found self” to you, your coaching and the resources that you have introduced me to.

    Your coaching has moved me out of my troubled past, taught me to detatch with love and to live in the here and NOW!!

    And I really love the NOW I am creating. Thank you for reaching out and creating this wonderful group of diverse women. It has proved to be a powerful launching pad…

  • I know Deb Bergeron to be an intuitive, powerful, compassionate, and brilliant coach.

    She is a life-long learner who must share with others the information she gleans from her ongoing exploration and study of many paths. She is as committed to her own growth and self-healing as that of her clients’ and students’, and her willingness to be vulnerable and share from her heart is quite wonderous and unique in today’s world.

    She has the ability to see the divinity within her clients and gently guides them to their light, knowing that they have all the answers within them already. She doesn’t try to fix or help: she leads you to yourself. I cherish and trust Deb absolutely.

    AndiJin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
  • Creating the Best Year of your Life – What an amazing opportunity to change your life, from the inside out.

    Deb is an experienced teacher and makes the learning fun and interesting. What a privilege to learn from not only her but the other amazing women within the group.

    If you are looking to take your life to the next level, I can vouch for this book, Deb’s group as a whole and Deb personally to show you how to reach that level.

    Live the Best Year of Your Life – this year.

    Angie Keller Williams

The Best Year of Your Life is a Transformative Experience…

Through Deb’s great group facilitation skills and the fabulous book by Debbie Ford, you will define clear, tangible goals and develop the tools to achieve them.

Deb brings tremendous focus, insight, humanity, love and humor to her work. Meeting Deb has been a wonderful life-altering experience for me.

This work helped me to de-clutter my professional office and my home environment over the course of two months; the resulting lightness and peace this has brought me are the best gifts I received this year and have inspired others in our group and in my life to let go of the clutter that weighs them down and saps their creative energy.


The sessions have been very thought-provoking and enlightening forcing me to deal with the important issue of balance between work and home-life, and how best to make the choices to improve my life and focus on advancing those issues and values which are most important to me. Our group format also gives us all valuable insight into how others deal with the same issues and choices, with many different approaches, suggestions as well as encouragement.

I really have enjoyed our sessions together and would be pleased to recommend you to anyone.

Anthony Attorney

With her Lunch and Learn sessions, Deb Bergeron is able to focus the members of her audience and allow them to think about what they value and consider important in their lives.

By giving her participants the luxury to reflect and concentrate on their strengths and weaknesses, she presents an “Ocean of Possibilities” to her clients. I would heartily recommend Deb Bergeron’s Lunch and Learn coaching sessions for those who are trying to make their “reach exceed their grasp.”

JeanDirector of Community Relations & Marketing

Deb came to our office to teach her “Work-Life Balance” class for a lunch and learn. It amazed me how some of my co-workers, who are naturally very quiet people, were able to open up– she was able to connect with us. She really made us stop and think how making some simple changes in our lives could improve the quality.

LynnAdministrative Assistant

Deb is a very compassionate, understanding and self- motivating teacher who not only assists in guiding you to understand what it is you really want from yourself, but also aids in maintaining your focus on fulfilling those simplest pleasures you have been denying yourself. I am looking forward to my next Lunch & Learn.

VeronicaOffice Manager

Thank you very much for coming to our Wednesday clinical supervision group to talk about self-care.

In our profession it is easy to focus on our clients to the detriment of our own mental and physical health.

Your presentation was very helpful in that it reminded us that we do this to ourselves without even knowing it and how to step by step begin to regain our balance. We especially liked the exercises that made us think about ways to make changes. Again thank you for your time and knowledge. We all greatly appreciated it.

CynthiaSt. Mary's Regional Medical Center, LCPC, LADC, CCS

I enjoyed the time we spent talking about strategies. She offered a number of concepts regarding choice which were thought provoking. In particular the idea of saying no, to carrying around stress and/or taking on work that isn’t important or isn’t yours, will make room for things you want to say yes to. I found it empowering to hear how, much of the time, it is our choices that put us where we are, and that we can choose to live with less stress.


I am so grateful that I had an opportunity meet you and experience your class. I really left feeling like I had learned some valuable tools to help me in my day to day life. The awareness of self care is so important I never realized that my half full glass might be half empty as well. Now I have some insight on how to keep it full. I realize balance is a moving target and I plan on getting very comfortable standing on one leg. Flamingo’s do it.

I love breathing in peace and exhaling joy it is so relaxing. Thank you again for the tips on self care and balance I think everyone could benefit from your class. I already feel better.

GingerAdministrative Secretary

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