8 Strategies to Boost Happiness

8 Strategies to Boost Your Happiness

1) Set your intention to be happy. All conscious change begins with intention. Incline your mind to joy and happiness.

2) Be accountable for your happiness. Accountability empowers us to see that our happiness is up to us.

3) Identify what brings you happiness. Make a list of everything that makes you happy and then choose one item a day from your list and do it.

4) Focus on what is right. Find the positive in the world and notice everything good that happens to you. Be careful to avoid the  tendencies to judge, criticize and blame.

5) Savor everyday moments.

6) Surround yourself with people who bring you joy and happiness.

7) Express gratitude. Each day find at least 5 things you appreciate or are grateful for.

8) Practice! Practice! Practice! Any new skill requires practice, and learning happiness is no different. As you give more attention to feeling happy, you will also increase your overall well-being.

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