As The Crow Flies

If we were to drive from one of end of the state of Florida, say the northwestern Pensacola panhandle; to the other end, say, beautiful southeastern Key West, we would travel over 792 miles of road. And that would be the shortest distance.

Not restricted by toll-booths, or distracted by tourist traps and traffic jams, birds intuitively know where the direct point-to- point ariel transit path is. Because of this natural gift to pooh-pooh intervening terrain, our winged friends travel the geodesic distance of just 524 miles to reach the Keys.

However, the reality is, we are not birds. We are humans and cannot fly above our obstacles, leaving them far behind. Instead, we have the gift of our own reasoning abilities, life experiences, and help from others to pass by the fallen boulders in life.

Unlike Wile E. Coyote of Road Runner fame, we learn to face the boulders head-on. We problem solve in meaningful ways, and learn from whatever lessons they bring. From these lessons, we understand that the quickest route isn’t always the healthiest or most productive. We might even be driving around in circles, so close to our destination, but held up by some real or imagined deterrent. We’ve all been there!

But…We get past it, through it, around it or learn to live with it, somehow being able to focus on the positive. How we get from point A to point B becomes a road map in our heads, and those of us striving to lead better lives (personally and professionally) internalize what works and what doesn’t.

So, reaching your destination, be it a tropical paradise or difficult management decision, is equally as valuable as the route we took to get there. And, of course, what we gained and learned along the way.

Going forward, I hope you travel safely, with focus, purpose, and, of course, a birdseye view of the beauty that awaits you.

Your Turn!

Like a bird’s sense of migration, we all have “gut” feelings or intuition. For some, it’s a comforting little voice helping make a difficult decision. For others, it may be a nagging sensation urging us to take a different path. However, many of us ignore that inner voice to head in a direction simply because we think it’s what we “should” be doing.

Q: When have you done what you “should be doing” instead of following your own inner compass? How did this “de-tour” you from your true personal or professional passion, or heart’s desire?

In keeping with the theme, many of my clients and friends are in jobs, relationships or patterns that could be described as “dead-end stops.”

Q: How about you? What innate-fear, or same old life story keeps you stuck in a stagnant place you’d like to move on from? What would the risks be to veer off the road, away from your own metaphorical dead-ends? Can you imagine yourself living your best life, away from this place?!

Imagination goes a long way toward intention, and intention goes even further when it comes to reality!

Q: What steps, large or small, can you can you pull from your imagination; and turn into reality in your everyday life? How can we align our gut feelings with our intentions to escape dead-ends, and soar like the birds?

Q: Ask yourself…How have you been sidetracked by life’s seemingly insurmountable detours, large or small? What pointers can you offer others to navigate around them?

Please let me know your answers, thoughts and ideas around these multi-layered questions.

And as always, I am here to help should you get stuck, or off-track, along the way.

Love, Deb