Self-Editing for Your Best Story

WHAT'S YOUR STORYFor most of us, the saga of life is not an open book with predictable topics and subplots. Our stories have common themes, but individually, each draft is layered with mystery, intrigue, romance, unforeseen set backs, triumphs of growth, and upon first glance, disappointing, painful failures which seem to have no rhyme or reason. Acting as our own constructive, yet deeply loving editor-in-chief, is one of the most difficult, but rewarding jobs we can ever hire ourselves to do.

The importance of being a “Self-Editor” rests in the fact that most of us have highlighted passages in the chapters of pain and fear, basing future actions and decisions on these paragraphs, which we read and reread, interfering with our sincere desire to move forward and live a more authentic life. We skim over the day-to-day accomplishments and accolades, as if they were insignificant details.

But the question is WHY?

  • WHY do we treat the best selling story of ME in such a harsh manner?
  • WHY do we critique our stories as if we were the most scathing literary critic on the planet?
  • HOW can we be better Self-Editors and stop focusing on the negativity in our stories?
  • HOW will editing and owning our story help achieve our goals, and infuse us with courage and confidence?

We can start by putting the pen down for a moment, sitting with our fears, and understanding what ingrained, negative self-thought does to our dreams, success and happiness. So few of us are comfortable in the company of those thoughts, and learning to make peace with them (and ourselves) is an ongoing process of growth, and important part of the definition of self-love.

WHAT else can we do to authenticate the story, while learning from the fear?

Personally, I often find happy and positive things often get overlooked as “expected” or trite. But ask yourself, “What do I love doing that fills me with joy and has my inner-author screaming, “YES!! Well written…I’m amazing!

Try jotting down the things you do that others may not know about you. Things you like to do for fun, peace of mind, or self-improvement. What about acknowledging the things you do right as story-worthy? Bringing these to light will make your heart sing and help add another chapter to your best selling story of ME!!

Your Turn!

Take some time this week and simply notice the stories you tell yourself. Do they help you move forward? Are they inspiring? If not, you might consider editing the stories in a way that would be more positive, beneficial and empowering in your life.

As always, I am here cheering you from the sidelines!

And if you’re stuck? I’m here to help.

Love, Deb