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Addicted to Busy

More and more, I come across clients and friends who suffer from the chronic and widespread addiction of Too Busy. They may be Too Busy to play with their children or have lunch with an old friend. Perhaps they’re Too Busy to see family, near or far; or to join that volunteer group they so admire. Worst of all, they are probably Too Busy to take loving care of themselves.

addicted to busyThe expression,” If you want something done, give it to a busy person…” is the mantra that fuels someone who can’t say no. For the person who is Too Busy, time blurs and the globe spins faster. There is always “one more thing to do” before they can push away from the addiction that keeps them tethered to work (or whatever it is that consumes them in an unhealthy way), and from leading a life of balance.

The whole premise of a balanced life is foreign to the Too Busy person who over commits, won’t say no, or garners self-esteem from over-achieving. We all know her, and if we take an honest look, may even be her…

Striving toward a balanced life doesn’t mean work isn’t important. It doesn’t mean shirking responsibility or sticking your head in the sand. And, it isn’t the end result that really matters because everyone loses their center of balance upon occasion. What matters is that we recognize our addiction and take nurturing steps to address it, keeping a balanced life in mind, all the while.

Like most addictions, Too Busy didn’t happen overnight and it will take conscious effort to overcome it. So, ask yourself, “What does a balanced life look like for me? What can I let go of, or do differently, to live that life?”

I’d love to hear from those of you who are in Too Busy Recovery mode. What steps did you take and where are you on your journey to a balanced life? What thoughts and old beliefs had to shift?”

And for those of you who are stuck at full-tilt Too Busy, I am always here to help.

Love, Deb