• The Tooth Fairy

    A good friend shared the following story: “My daughter was in first grade when she lost her front tooth,” she began. “It happened while she was at school, just after circle time. To distract the kids from the blood, her wonderful teacher made a big deal of this momentous occasion. And, let’s face it, in […]

  • Addicted to Busy

    More and more, I come across clients and friends who suffer from the chronic and widespread addiction of Too Busy. They may be Too Busy to play with their children or have lunch with an old friend. Perhaps they’re Too Busy to see family, near or far; or to join that volunteer group they so […]

  • peace1

    Peace is This Moment Without Judgment

    These lines are taken from a beautiful poem by Dorothy Hunt.  Peace is This Moment Without Judgment Do you think peace requires an end to war? Or tigers eating only vegetables? Does peace require an absence from your boss, your spouse, yourself? … Do you think peace will come some other place than here? Some […]